Design and Construct Services

We design and deliver a complete range of electrical services, including incoming power supplies, power distribution. lighting control systems including energy efficient systems.

Our electrical design division has a proven track record in designing lighting & power systems covering a multitude of installations from basic office fit outs to fully automated lighting control systems in multi story commercial buildings incorporating the latest sustainable engineering solutions.

Thanks to our in-house design capability, we can provide a one-stop-shop that delivers consistent quality at every stage of your project.

Commerical & Industrial Projects

Our network of approved partners across Australia enables us to provide national coverage with a local presence.

We deliver construction projects for a variety of private and public sector clients. Our teams have extensive experience and an excellent reputation of working in partnership with clients, across a diverse sector base, such as local authority and central government frameworks, as well as those for educational, custodial, healthcare and community facilities.

By providing innovative solutions for your building challenges we can reduce the complexity, timescale and, most importantly, the cost of your building project.

The size and diversity of our capabilities ensures that we offer the skills and services needed to deliver high quality buildings, guaranteeing the most cost-effective solution.

Retail & Commercial Fitouts

Our projects include refurbishments of single rooms, complete bespoke fit out of buildings, heavy structural alterations and decommissioning of vacated spaces. From the straight forward to the complex, we consistently deliver the highest quality.

We work collaboratively with owners, developers, and occupiers spanning a broad range of industries in both the public and private sectors.

Our integrated capabilities enable us to offer our customers a holistic solution which includes not only technical expertise, but design and environmental advice that delivers sustainable benefits.

Budget Estimates

Our Estimators have years of experience producing budgets and guaranteed maximum price estimates for all types of construction projects. The company has at its disposal advanced estimating software that greatly increases accuracy and minimizes errors. With this service, Ozcom Electrical provides detailed budgets that deliver all line item costs, even when only design development narratives are available. It also allows customers to present the electrical cost drivers to the end-user, be they owner or developer, in the clearest, most accurate manner possible. With this great value-added service, Ozcom electrical customers can expect tighter budget management, resulting in an appreciable reduction in contract changes and project costs.

Traditional Lump Sum Tenders

Ozcom Electrical have assembled a highly knowledgeable team to prepare estimates for lump sum projects.  When our estimators receive your project plans, they are reviewed in detail.  Quotes are selected from many different vendors, to ensure you receive the best product pricing package available for each element.  Once the estimator selects the ideal package for each project specification, project estimates are assembled.  We not only put together your most cost-effective and favorable quotes, but we thoroughly go through your specifications for any areas that could be improved upon by value engineering options.  We will provide you with several different options for each project to ensure you’re receiving the best result for the cost. We examine construction documents for construct-ability issues.  We address these issues with our client prior to tender review.  This practice allows our clients to address the problem proactively before there is a financial impact on the project.

Re-Design Proposals

At the request of our clients our estimating team will access your construction documentation and propose cost saving options weather that will be an alternate lighting package, alternate design  or alternate materials. We analyze all aspects of  your documentation and we always provide a full specification on our alternate products for your in house assessment. We will also provide you with the positives and negatives if any with using alternate electrical products.

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